BL 2161

BL 2161 is a unique blend of hydrocarbon dispersants, penetrants and surfactants that soften, disperse and condition oil tank bottom sludges. The conditioned oil tank bottom sludge then can be easily removed for disposal or for recycling back into the hydrocarbon refining process.

Oil storage tank bottom sludges can vary greatly, depending on the types of hydrocarbons that have been stored in the oil storage tank since its last cleaning. Most sludges consist of degraded oil, polymerized paraffins and asphaltenes, gums, varnishes, water, biomass, and many inorganics (iron-rust, sand, scale, mud, etc.) that can cause serious scale and plugging problems.

The resulting oil tank sludge causes many headaches - in the oil storage tank, in the oil transfer pipelines, in rail, ship and truck tankers, holding tanks and in any precombustion system equipment - filters, burner tips, etc.

BL 2161 acts as universal fuel oil conditioner by penetrating and dispersing into the heavy hydrocarbons reducing their viscosity; emulsifying water content higher than 1 % (by weight of the fuel oil); penetrating and dispersing any biomass (fungi and bacteria) deposits; coating and conditioning the inorganics and organic sludge particles making them nonadherent to each other and the tank surfaces, as well as filming the oil storage tank inner surfaces to prevent redeposition and corrosive attack during the cleaning procedure.


  1. Dramatically reduces sludge and deposit buildup if used regularly
  2. Promotes longer fuel oil stability, less fuel oil degradation
  3. Improves fuel oil viscosity control
  4. Promotes better oil storage tank corrosion control
  5. Reduction in man-hours and personnel necessary to clean tanks and lines
  6. Increased tank safety and more effective, efficient cleaning and disposal
  7. Increased oil storage tank capacity with bottom sludge removal
  8. Reduced oxidation and polymerization of the oil's hydrocarbons
  9. Less potential biomass (fungi and bacteria) growth with removal of water
  10. Potential recovery of conditioned fuel

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