H2S Reduction

Most chemical companies treat H2S production as a continuous problem that needs to be treated with scavengers. While this is sometimes the case, Rocanda believes that many sour wells can be treated in-situ with batch treatments of effective biocides. We typically conduct the following:

  1. Catch a sample of the produced oil and water
  2. Analyze what bacteria are in the oil/water
  3. Conduct lab tests with biocides to ensure that they are effective against the different strains of bacteria
  4. Initially treat with a quick kill biocide
  5. Follow up with a biocide with a very long half life in the specific reservoir conditions. For example, high temperature, low pH, etc.

In this fashion customers can expect to treat their wells once every six months to once a year and have the benefit of producing sweet oil.

Please contact us with your production challenges as we would be happy to resolve them.