SPI 2400s

SPI 2400S is a patented steam additive, which enhances the recovery of heavy oil in steam stimulated enhanced oil recovery projects. The product improves steam distribution and increases the ability of the steam to transport heated crude oil.

The technology was developed as a joint venture by Rocanda Enterprises Ltd. and Buckman Laboratories of Canada Ltd. This new technology represents "state of the art" development on how to enhance oil recovery in steam flooding applications.

Application of SPI 2400S in cyclic steam and steam drive projects has resulted in large increases in oil produced per cycle, per unit of time and per barrel of water injected as steam.


  1. Enhances oil recovery when introduced into steam stimulation projects.
  2. Non-ionic surfactant with C18 structure, stable at temperature and salinity conditions where other chemicals are ineffective.
  3. Functions effectively at ultra low concentrations, thus making SPI 2400S application economically attractive. Optimum concentration for field application is 10 ppm. This is the equivalent of 1 litre of SPI 2400S per 100m3 of steam.
  4. Keeps formation water-wet and improves injectivity.
  5. Reduces oil viscosity and promotes oil mobility via water external emulsion which breaks clean upon production.
  6. Provides a more favourable oil/steam ratio.
  7. Provides corrosion control by forming a protective film on metal surfaces.
  8. Readily dispersed in water phase.
  9. Completely soluble in oil phase.
  10. Reduces emulsion problems by decreasing interfacial tension.
  11. Compatible with heavy oil and lighter gravity crudes.
  12. Critical control procedure not required because over-treatment will not result in formation of troublesome deposits.

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