SPI 2402H

A solvent additive specifically formulated for workovers and stimulations of production and injector wells where asphaltene and paraffin deposits are a problem.

SPI 2402H is a concentrated blend of organic solvents, penetrants, and dispersants for prevention and dissolution of asphaltene and paraffin deposits. SPI 2402H is used for a variety of applications where these troublesome deposits cause plugging and reduced production. This multifunctional product provides superior deposit and sludge control compared to treatment programs using only solvents. It is most effective in areas where asphaltene precipitation is a problem and provides long-lasting results. The product performs especially well in heavy oil with a high asphaltene content.

Solids precipitation from reservoir crudes has been recognized as a serious detriment in numerous oil systems. Precipitation may result in insitu permeability reductions as well as contributing to serious plugging problems in production wells and surface facilities. SPI 2402H was specifically designed to eliminate or to reduce asphaltene and paraffin deposition problems.


  1. Resuspends asphaltenes by mimicking the natural resins of heavy oil
  2. Inhibits Paraffin formation
  3. Breaks water in oil emulsions and water blocks by reducing the interfacial tension that exists between the oil and water phases
  4. Coats sand and clay solids and leaves the particles water wet
  5. Significantly reduces viscosity of heavy oil
  6. Reduces operating costs by reducing the frequency of washes or stimulation
  7. A very effective penetrating and dispersing agent

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