TS-1 is our most cost effective heavy oil stimulation fluid.

TS-1 was specifically formulated to provide our customers with the best possible stimulation fluid for the lowest possible price. Unlike our TCR-1 product this fluid does not exhibit water wetting tendencies. Instead, its primary role is to resuspend asphaltene and paraffin deposits. Ideal applications would be when cost is paramount to determining whether to proceed with a work-over or if uncertainty exists as to the underlying cause of the well's production decline.


  1. Resuspends asphaltenes and paraffins by mimicking the natural resins of heavy oil.
  2. Breaks water in oil emulsions and water blocks by reducing the interfacial tension that exists between the oil and water phases.
  3. Reduces damage induced by polymer drilling fluids.
  4. Much higher flash point than alternative fluids.
  5. Significantly reduces oil viscosity and prevents sludging.
  6. A very effective penetrating and dispersing agent.

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