WS 40 is a wax and asphaltene solvent which is specifically formulated for a particular problem or well site. The blend can be any combination of aliphatic, naphthenic and aromatic solvents. Additives to the solvent may include wax and asphaltene dispersants, wax crystal modifiers, emulsion breakers, water wetting agents and surfactants. WS 40 is blended site-specific in instances where other solvents perform poorly. Typically, this includes the removal of high melting point waxes resulting from repeated hot oil treatments and the removal of sludges and emulsions formed by acidizing or other mechanisms

WS 40 is an effective means to remove and control wax and asphaltene problems. It can be used in a number of applications:

  • Wellbore cleanup: Where wax builds up in tubing and on rods, WS 40 is circulated within the wellbore 24 to 48 hours
  • Formation damage removal: When washed across perforations and squeezed into the formation, WS 40 removes wax and asphaltene and ensures formation wettability.
  • Scale Removal: WS 40 can also be used in conjunction with acid to remove scale deposition.
  • Wellbore wax maintenance: WS 40 is used as part of a routine maintenance program by circulation within the wellbore on a regular scheduled program.

The placement technique for WS 40 will depend on the type of well and severity of the deposit. However, WS 40 is normally allowed to soak in the formation and wellbore for 24 to 48 hours.

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