BL 2161, BL 9151, Mudsol and all SPI products are all stored in 200 litre drums at both our Edmonton and Montreal warehouses. These drums can be sent directly to you, or for large orders, the product can be transferred via a bulk truck, depending on which is more cost effective.

Due to the low freezing point of our products, bulk truck shipments are possible during the winter months.

TCR-1, AS-1, TS-1, WS-10, 40, XKO, TriKill and Trican Diluent products are stored in bulk tanks throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. The intent is to provide cost savings to the customer as all ingredients in the blends are bought in bulk to achieve the lowest possible cost. A pressure truck can then be filled from these bulk sites and the product delivered to location. If a customer intends to use a significant amount of any of the products we provide then we would be happy to provide a tank on location to minimize trucking costs.