Specialty Chemicals

SPI 2400

SPI 2400 is a concentrated solvent additive that remedies asphaltene and paraffin deposition as well as other formation problems associated with oil and gas production. It may also be used in conjunction with CO2.

SPI 2400S

SPI 2400S is a high temperature stable surfactant additive that remedies asphaltene deposition and other formation problems in steam flooding applications.

SPI 2402H

SPI 2402H is a solvent additive specifically formulated for workovers and stimulations of production and injector wells where asphaltene and paraffin deposits are a problem.

BL 9151

BL 9151 is a three-way blend of oxygen scavengers, quaternary ammonium compounds and amide imidazoline products. It is a highly effective inhibitor against both sweet and sour corrosion and provides for the removal of dissolved oxygen.

BL 2161

BL 2161 Oil Storage Tank Bottom Sludge Cleaner is a unique blend of hydrocarbon dispersants, penetrants and surfactants that soften, disperse and condition oil tank bottom sludge. The conditioned oil tank bottom sludge then can be easily removed for disposal or for recycling back into the hydrocarbon refining process.