Garth Sales - Nexen:

We started using Buckman chemicals and dealing with Rocanda in 1998. We first tried the TS-1 product for treating slop oil and found it very effective and during this time Julian brought up the facts on how it would perform in a reservoir as a stimulation tool. Over the next couple of years we used the product on a number of wells and found that we could hold back water production and enhance oil production. We also started using a product SPI 2400 as a steam additive to break down emulsion blocks in the reservoir and inhale the movement of oil and we have been very pleased with the results. Rocanda has been a very willing partner in taking theory to the lab and developing a product when asked.

Tobey L. Babiuk - Canadian Chemical Technology Inc.:

Canadian Chemical Technology Inc. has provided technical services to Rocanda Enterprises Ltd. for a number of years and as well utilize the SPI technology to inhibit / disperse asphaltenes in some of our fluid systems. We have been very impressed with Rocanda's willingness to solve problems for their customers through laboratory evaluations. We also find that the SPI technology to be a beneficial in our fluid systems for controlling the precipitation of asphaltenes. Rocanda has always provided us with excellent customer service and we will continue to use their products and services.