Research and Development

Rocanda has a 5,000 sf. R&D facility located in Calgary, Alberta. The centre is staffed with chemists and technicians who have extensive expertise in developing and patenting innovative chemicals for the oil and gas industry. Testing capabilities include:

  • Complete Water Analysis
  • Friction/drag reduction studies on two custom build flow loops
  • Viscosity/rheology/elasticity determination utilizing multiple types of instruments
  • Clay stabilization (CST, Roller oven)
  • Surfactant optimization (demulsification, surface/interfacial tension, oil recovery)
  • Specialized mixing equipment for emulsifying/slurrying which mimics the production equipment at the plants

Rocanda's rigorous quality control protocols are developed and overseen by the research and development centre. Each manufacturing facility has its own QC lab that tests all incoming, in process and finished products.

Friction Loop
Friction Reducer Sample