About Us

Rocanda has been around since 1987 and originally was run from the kitchen table of Julian Romocki's house. Currently, Rocanda has customers in Oman, Russia, Canada and the USA with offices and sales staff in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Texas and North Dakota.

Rocanda buys all of its raw ingredients in bulk and supply the finished products at locations convenient to our customer. If you are interested in our products please inquire as to our closest distribution point.

Our Mission

Rocanda's mission is to solve our customer's oil and gas application problems by providing the best possible product and service. If we feel that our products are not the best suited for a specific application we will simply not recommend them.

We believe in respect, integrity and excellence. Everything we do is built around these core values. We have been in business for over 24 years and have very close relationships with our customers. A decade from now the same will be true.

Once you experience our products and services we are confident that it will be the start of a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.