About Us

Rocanda is a vertically integrated manufacturer of oilfield production and completion chemicals. In Canada we have 40 distribution locations for production chemicals that typically consist of bulk field tanks that are accessible 24/7. Rocanda designs the chemistry as well as the manufacturing equipment. We are continually working on research and development and typically have two or three iterations of next generation products in the pipeline that we can roll out to our customers. We never give up on projects and in some instances it takes us years to crack something technically. Our pure water based FR (ROC-FR920) is an example of this. We are very proud of this accomplishment and of course can take the learning's to develop other products and push the envelope of whats possible.

In regards to the manufacturing equipment we build everything in cells so we can setup additional manufacturing facilities quickly because a cell needs a single power and air supply and its in business. The other nice benefit of this approach is the various manufacturing facilities can all share best practices and troubleshoot with one another as all the equipment is identical. We currently have three generations of manufacturing cells and they keep getting bigger which bodes well for our future efficiency. We currently have three manufacturing and distribution facilities in Leduc, AB, as well as one in Midland, TX and Casper, WY. We have distribution in Lloydminster, AB and Watford City, ND.

Rocanda has always floated its prices with set margins so as we gain efficiencies our customers benefit from lower prices.

Our Mission

Rocanda's mission is to solve our customer's oil and gas application problems by providing the best possible products and services. If we feel that our products are not the best suited for a specific application we will not recommend them.

We believe in respect, integrity and excellence. Everything we do is built around these core values. We have been in business for over 30 years and have very close relationships with our customers. A decade from now the same will be true.