Friction Reducers


Anionic Dry Friction Reducer

Dry friction reducers are typically 60 - 70% cheaper to use than emulsified polyacrylamides. In fact, the logistical savings is typically greater than the cost of the powder. Past disadvantages of dry systems revolve around make down systems that are required to prepare the polymer before injecting it into the water stream. Rocanda's products hydrate instantly and can simply be added through an eductor or a standard dry guar makedown system. No special equipment is required. If you would like a custom loading system designed that is well within our capability (we do after all design, build and operate super-heaters) but we are not interested in making money leasing equipment to our customers. We are soley interested in selling chemicals.

Rocanda's anionic powder outperforms any anionic or cationic we have tested. The worse the water the better our product performs. It also won't degrade in the presence of barium and does not fall down under high TDS levels. If you are currently using a dry product we recommend testing at 75% of your current loading as a starting point.

ROC FR-1 Anionic Dry Friction Reducer

Cationic Dry Friction Reducer

Rocanda's cationic dry friction reducer can perform in the harshest of environments. The price is more than the anionic, but, it makes up for it in lower loadings. Therefore, it is simply a function of price versus performance when compared to the anionic product. In high TDS or high divalent applications this product is often more economical.

ROC FR-2 Cationic Dry Friction Reducer

Anionic Slurried Friction Reducer

The anionic slurried friction reducer has 450 grams per litre of active. This is 50% more than a conventional emulsified friction reducer. Furthermore, the friction reducer is of a higher grade than typical Tier I anionic emulsified products. This allows one to use the product at a two to one ratio. It's actually a bit better than that, but, two to one is a fair ratio to use. Therefore, this can be used as an inbetween product for migrating from emulsfied products to dry. Customers will save money on logistics and will also be able to tackle high TDS and divalent concentrations. The product should be rolled once a month much like a guar slurry to ensure uniform distribution.

ROC FR-145 Anionic Slurried Friction Reducer

Cationic Slurried Friction Reducer

Rocanda's cationic slurried friction reducer is a 450 gram per litre active slurry that has the same properties as the anionic version except of course it is cationic.

ROC FR-245 Cationic Slurried Friction Reducer

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