Completion Chemicals

Friction Reducers

Friction Reducers We are pleased to offer anionic and cationic versions of both liquid and dry friction reducers. Since we manufacture our own chemicals we can make a custom friction reducer for your application

Clay Control

ROC-CS3 is a dual action clay stabilizer that is cheaper and consistently outperforms Choline Chloride. We would be happy to test the product in your specific formation and share the results. A sample can then be provided to corroborate the results in question..

Scale Inhibitors

ROC-SI1 is a non-hazardous scale inhibitor which has been developed specifically for oilfield applications. It is effective at inhibiting the formation of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate when added to treatment fluids during well completions. .

Guar Slurry

ROC-GS1 ROC GS-1 is a rapidly hydrating 40/45 guar gum slurry for hydraulic fracturing operations.ROC GS-1 can be crosslinked using borates for increased viscosity.